Monday, May 11, 2015

Three Reasons You Might Not Want a Call Tracking Mobile App

In today's car sales climate, you need to be quick on the draw to reel in customers. Call tracking software can help you follow up on leads and get the job done, but we know that you can't be at your computer all day. When you're out on the lot or in the service department, having a mobile app that ties into your call tracking software can come in handy.

However we recognize that having immediate access to all of your call data when you're away from your desk isn't for everybody. Here are some reasons why a mobile app for your call tracking software might not be fore you.

You Love Sitting at Your Desk All Day


Working at a desk
You are the master of your domain — so long as your domain doesn't extend much past your office door. Why would you ever need to leave the comfort and safety of your trusty desk and computer? You have everything you need right in front of you, especially your Rolodex.

If you're married to your desk,  you definitely wouldn't want a mobile app that can pull up lists of recent calls for a selected campaign no matter where you are. In fact if something goes wrong while you're out of the office, you actually love rushing back so you can fix the problem. You never need to listen to call recordings on the go.

You Still Use a Flip Phone

Flip phoneWe get it. You're traditional. Not so much that you'd go without a cell phone, but just enough that you won't get rid of your Nokia flip phone from 2001. If you like kicking it old school, the last thing you'd care about is a mobile app that allows you to view reports linked to your call tracking software.

Some people want to know exactly how well (or poorly) their phone staff is handling calls, even when they're not in the office. That sounds like a hefty burden to carry, knowing your calls are being taken care of. Don't worry — with that dino of a flip phone, you'll never know what's happening on your phones when you're away from your dealership. Burden lifted.

You're Not Concerned With Saving Missed Leads

Life preserver in waterMissed calls? No big deal, you say. If a customer is truly interested in buying from you, they'll either call back or visit the dealership. For you, there's no reason to rescue a lost lead, especially if you're not at your desk.

If you feel this way, it's completely unnecessary for your mobile device to alert you when your staff has missed a call. Those kind of alerts just aren't for you. You're content to just let the lead go, even though you could use your mobile device to assign the missed call to a sales rep or immediately follow up yourself.

If none of these scenarios describe you, you should use a mobile app that integrates with your call tracking software. Still not convinced? Take our quiz to decide.

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