Thursday, June 21, 2018

Three Reasons You Might Not Like CRM Integration for Call Tracking

At Callbright, we’re big fans of CRM integration. It differentiates today’s call tracking from call tracking 15 years ago. It helps salespeople stay motivated. It does for call tracking what the heated steering wheel does for cars (translation: it adds oomph).

But you know what? There are actually some reasons CRM integration might not be a good fit for you. Here they are.

You Live for Data Entry

Heart on enter key
Do you get a thrill from entering the same data into multiple systems over and over? Do you love the way your carpal tunnel syndrome makes your wrists ache and your forearms go numb? Do you get a kick out of typos?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to avoid CRM integration. The reason is that as soon as a call comes in, the caller's information is automatically gathered and then synced with your CRM system. 

Do you know what that means? You’d have to kiss data entry and typos good-bye. Worse, your wrists and forearms would get a break.

You Don’t Mind Losing Lead Data

Guy shrugging casuallyHow do you react when a phone lead falls through the cracks and doesn’t quite make it into your CRM system? Do you:

  1. Celebrate? That’s one less lead to keep track of!
  2. Feel disappointed but shrug it off and wait for a new lead to come in?
  3. Find out what happened, try to win over the lead and make sure it doesn’t happen again?
If you answered “a” or “b,” you might not see CRM integration as much of a benefit. Because phone leads automatically appear in your CRM, you don’t have to worry about remembering to enter leads into the system.

You Love Having Tons of Programs Open on Your Computer

Computer monitor and application symbolsAre you the kind of person who recognizes the benefits of having lots of programs open on your computer? It’s like a scavenger hunt sorting through the open windows for the one you need, and the system lag gives you time to grab a cup of coffee! You improve your mental focus when a lead calls in because you have to switch between your call tracking program and CRM to cross-check their data!

If you’re not looking to cut back on the number of applications you use on a daily basis, there’s no need to integrate your call tracking system with your CRM. Why? Because when you integrate the two systems, you can view or edit lead data from one central location.

Don’t identify with any of these statements? Great! Then mosey on over to our CRM integration page to see how it can make your life a little easier.  

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