Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sales Managers Quiz: Should You Download Our New App?

We recently launched our new Call Rescue Callbright app in the Google Play and iTunes app stores, and we've come up with a little quiz to help you decide if you should download it. Keep track of your answers so you can tally them up at the end!

My Assigned Screenshot From Callbright App1. As a manager, would you rather be tied down to your desk or have the freedom to leave the office during the day?

A. I would chain myself to my desk if I could.
B. Having the ability to leave the office would better suit my work style.

2. How do you react when your staff misses calls from leads or customers?

A. Eh, no big deal. Money's not everything.
B. Let's call them back ASAP so we can get their business.

3. How do you feel about being out of touch with your staff, customers and prospects when you're away from your desk?

A. They're all so pesky; it's a great escape.
B. I have to keep in contact with my staff to ensure that my business is delivering quality service. If I don't communicate with my customers and prospects, important opportunities fall through the cracks.

4. Would you like to have the ability to identify training opportunities when you're out of the office?

A. I would rather depend upon hearsay.
B. I would like to know the moment a training opportunity arises.

5. Do you want your sales team to mishandle calls?

A. That'd be great. Customers need to learn their place.
B. Absolutely not. It's imperative for calls to be handled properly.

Screenshot of Reports Screen From Callbright AppTime to tally those scores! Count up your A's and B's to find out if you need the new Call Rescue Callbright app.

If you scored three or more A's: Not only do you need our mobile app, but you need a new outlook on lead management overall! Check out these reasons you should start using lead management software.

If you scored three or more B's: It sounds like you could definitely use our Call Rescue mobile app! You can follow up on lost leads, review calls and manage your employees from anywhere. Find out more about our app here. (If you don't have Call Rescue, don't fret, you can still make outbound calls from our app using the dialer feature.)

Make sure your customers are getting the highest level of service you can provide by using all the tools available. To learn more about the benefits of the Callbright app, visit our website.

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