Friday, December 19, 2014

Dealerships: Use the Winter Lull to Get Ready for Marketing in 2015

Line of cars covered in snowBaby, it’s cold outside!

As the temps drop, employees at your dealership will likely get to spend more time inside and less time on the lot, because chilly weather isn’t exactly conducive to vehicle sales.

People are completing more and more of the car-buying process online from the comfort of their warm and toasty homes. But this is good news for you! Remember earlier this year when we reported digital ad spend in the auto industry is expected to increase in 2015? This prediction aligns perfectly with your customers’ online car research behaviors. Whether it’s online or on the lot, it’s important to reach your prospects wherever they are in the buying cycle.

This winter, make sure you’re ready to start off 2015 strong with solid digital marketing practices. To help you get ready for the digital wave, we’ve put together a few of our favorite posts on digital marketing topics from the past year:

What digital marketing practices are you most excited about investing in next year?

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