Monday, April 18, 2016

What Dealers Wanted Most at NADA 2016

“So tell me about what you guys do. Do you provide any training solutions?”

This was by far the most common question at NADA 2016. People can tell by our name that we do something with calls. But what exactly is that? It’s hard to fit us into just one box.
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Just like many of the dealers at NADA, you may think of us as a call tracking provider, and you’d be right. But luckily we’re not a one-trick pony. We can help you track your calls and help you recover lost leads. Allow us to explain.

Manage Mishandled Phone Calls

The dealers we spoke with were most concerned about the amount of time it takes to sift through hundreds or thousands of phone calls to find the ones that need to be addressed. The time required to listen to all those phone calls would be better spent on other duties (you know, like selling cars). “How can I quickly pick out the calls that need further attention?” they asked.

That’s where speech-recognition technology comes in handy. You can define key words and phrases that would indicate how well (or how poorly) a phone call is going — such as pleasantries, curse words or even competitors’ names. If the speech-recognition technology picks up any of these words or phrases, the call recording will be automatically flagged. When going through your recordings, you’ll immediately know which calls to evaluate and therefore which employees to train further.

Recover Lost Sales Potential

Sure, you can address mishandled phone calls. Sure, you can train your employees further. But one thing dealers told us they couldn’t do: Make their employees seize opportunities in which buyers are on the fence about making a purchase. You may have employees that think, “This guy’s just not going to buy, so there’s no point in trying anymore.” In reality, the prospect just needs an incentive or a nudge. Dealers begged us to tell them how to catch these missed opportunities if they didn’t contain any phrases set up in the speech-recognition tool.

They were excited when we told them they could use a team of professionals to listen to all of their call recordings to evaluate whether a call is successful or needs further attention (within two hours of the call, no less). With the amount of responsibilities that go into running a dealership, there just isn’t time to sift through every phone call to find lost sales opportunities. When a call is deemed a missed opportunity, you’ll receive an email with the call recording and a brief rundown of the call, so you can follow up with the caller and recover the lost sale.

If you’ve had training on your mind lately, visit our website to see how else we can help your dealership.

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