Thursday, July 9, 2015

What Marketers Can Learn from Shark Week

As the temperature continues to rise, more and more people are looking for ways to beat the heat this summer. Cue one of America’s favorite TV marathons of the year: Shark Week.

Last year, Discovery Channel aired a fake documentary, which created a lot of negative buzz. Nearly one year later, people are still talking about it. We’ve got to admit, it’s impressive that they generated so much buzz that its ripple effect has lasted almost a year.

We might not be able to replicate that, but there are a couple other things we can learn about marketing from Shark Week.

Listen to Feedback… And Then Use It

Like Shark Week 2014, not every risk taken is 100 percent successful or unsuccessful.  A lot of times, there’s a gray area where you’ll find both positive and negative buzz afterward. That’s when it’s most important to listen to consumers and learn from both sides. What went right? What didn’t?

Keep track of what your customers are saying about you so you can tailor your message to better connect with them. Not sure how to do that? Allow us to introduce automated surveys. At the end of every call, a recorded voice poses questions to callers, who reply using their phone keypads. This information will help you figure out areas of improvement so you’ll always see smiles on your customers’ faces.

Stay Up to Date with Current Events

In the last few years, thanks to #hashtags and social media crazes, Shark Week has become an annual pop culture event. Many brands have sunk their teeth into the phenomenon and have joined the hype that surrounds Shark Week. You can even get a shark-themed ice cream cup!

Of course brands know they’ll get a few extra eyes on their ads by including Shark Week themes. But the main reason they use sharky marketing is that they want to show consumers they’re up-to-date. If you’re using old news and outdated campaign slogans, people will think of your brand as old and outdated. Using current events portrays that your company is just as new-age and relevant as your ads.

Now for some fun — what's been your favorite Shark Week show? Tweet your answer to @855callbright!

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