Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Keep Millennials Engaged With Your Call Tracking Program

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In a generation where moving from job to job is the norm, managers love to have good employees sit and stay awhile.

If your business relies heavily on call tracking — whether it's for marketing attribution, sales or customer service — it's important to build a call tracking program that’ll keep millennials engaged.

The key is to consider millennials' unique perspectives on the world they live in and their work habits. To help you make that happen, we've put together some guidelines based on research from a study of millennials in the workplace. We’d also like to point out that we (the Callbright bloggers) are millennials, so we've got some inside perspective.

Here's what we came up with:

Give Them Goals to Work Toward — Like Now

Don't believe the stereotype that all millennials are lazy. It’s true that they emphasize work-life balance more than the baby boomers, but give them some specific projects and goals to work toward and prepare to be amazed. Whether the project is helping you create a phone training program for new associates or reaching specific call metrics, like landing X number of upsells a week, millennials love having concrete goals.

And by the way, as soon as a millennial starts a new job, there's no need to make them wait to get to work. Let them jump right in and start working on projects! They prefer it. Trust us.

Take Advantage of Their Tech Skills

Millennial man looking at charts on computer

The study we referenced for this post tells us that millennials are "at ease with communications technologies." You probably knew that already, but hey, it's nice to have your assumptions validated. Work those tech skills to your advantage! Give your Gen Y staff members the chance to familiarize themselves with your call tracking tool and have them recommend features or reports you can use.

Millennials "multitask, and view time as a valuable resource that should not be squandered," so they're more than happy to find ways to improve your operational efficiency. And by giving them a chance to take ownership in their work, you're increasing their job satisfaction.

Allow for Collaboration

Encourage collaboration among your younger staff members. Research shows that group work models "enhance innovation, increase productivity, and they often lower personnel costs." When a few millennials put their heads together, you have the potential to take your call tracking program to places you never thought it'd go.

There's another plus too: When millennials feel involved in what they're doing, they're less likely to become bored at work and therefore less likely to quit. Collaboration = awesome. What else can we say?

Give Lots of Positive Feedback

Millennials are relational people. They "expect close relationships and frequent feedback from supervisors." To build their loyalty to you and to the organization, always be open, honest and respectful when talking to them about their work. This is especially important if you use call monitoring in your phone training process.

So what do you think? Does your call tracking program have what it takes to help millennials stick around? If you're a millennial yourself, what changes would you make to your company's call tracking program? Let us know in the comments!

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