Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Inside Scoop on NADA 2014 From Callbright

We're winding down from our biggest show of the year, NADA 2014, and boy, was it a great time! Our sales manager, Nick Odizor, agreed to share a few of his thoughts and experiences from the event.

"Once again, NADA was a success! Dealer enthusiasm was noticeably different," Odizor said. "Until recently, there was a systemic pulse within the auto industry: Dealers wouldn’t spend money on anything outside of a CRM, DMS or core solution. Unfortunately when times got tough, many dealers deemed call tracking providers unnecessary.

"Thankfully, at this year's show, they started to see the light."

Call tracking, combined with advanced telephony analytics, has allowed lean dealerships to gain valuable insight into how, where and when to allocate their ad dollars. Callbright specifically appeals to dealers because of our advanced integration with a myriad of CRM companies, which allows it to provide call statistics on both its website and the CRMs that dealers use daily.

"These benefits attracted many dealers to our booth," Odizor continued. "Some visitors were existing customers of Callbright, but some had never even heard of call tracking.

"Interest was up and enthusiasm was higher than previous years. Those who already knew the benefits of Callbright were ready to take the next step and delve deeper into our telephony offerings. The dealers who didn't have call tracking systems were eager to get caught up.

"Today dealers understand that the standard is set: Call tracking is essential. We hit it off with dealers who wanted an advanced solution that could offer a unique consumer experience, which is fantastic, because that’s precisely what we offer."

If you didn't make it to NADA but want to hear more about the benefits of call tracking, check out this post.

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