Friday, January 10, 2014

What Does the Fox Say About Call Tracking?

winking fox
“Ka ka ka ka kakaka kakakakka kakakakakakkkkaaa!” Who knew Norwegians were so much fun?

If you haven’t seen “What Does the Fox Say?” yet, you’re missing out. You can check it out here .

We love this video so much, we wish we had access to the costume selection needed to make a parody video. But alas, you’ll just have to settle for this blog post instead. (For some reason two dozen fox costumes didn’t make the marketing budget.)

After watching it, you might feel entertained, enlightened and slightly curious. You’ll find yourself wondering what noise a fox actually makes. Anticipating this, we’ve gone ahead and Googled that for you. It’s a bark.

Naturally, your next thought will be how to relate this video to your business…

…or not. Everyone’s different. But for those of you who did ask yourself this question, we have an answer!

It teaches us three valuable lessons about call tracking :  

1. Listening to your incoming calls can change the way you do business.  

If you’ve never personally encountered a fox, you don’t know for sure what it sounds like.

Businesses encounter this problem all the time. Not with foxes usually, but with people. They don’t have a big picture of who their prospects are or what they’re looking for when they call. Using call tracking to record and listen in on your inbound calls will help you solve these quandaries.  

2. Outbound calls are just as important as inbound ones.   

If you hit the fox in the head with a rock after he comes all the way out of the woods to visit you, he probably won’t come back. (No one hit the guy in the fox suit with a rock in the video, but it’s still a good point.)

Your staff’s interaction with the people who call your business makes a huge impact on whether or not they choose to start or continue working with you. Recording outbound phone conversations allows you to catch mishandled calls before they become your competition’s new client.

3. Using call recordings to identify common support issues is a must.

It never dawned on you that you didn’t know what noise a fox made until a creative Norwegian band brought this issue to your attention. Then you were aware. You didn’t know what a fox said. Now you do.

Having a way to identify your customers’ common support issues in real time enables you to pick out large-scale problems and solve them quickly.

We’re glad you’re as passionate about relating popular YouTube sensations back to solutions for your business as we are. Keep it up!

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