Friday, June 19, 2015

How Real Estate Offices Can Use Social Media

With tweets and status updates running our world, social media is the prime place for business and networking. We know that online real estate marketing can be downright brutal, so here are some tips you can use to make the most of your social media accounts.

Bring in Customers

It’s true. The times of newspaper ads and yard signs are slowly being consumed by Internet traffic and screenshots.  Keep up!  While in-person connections are still a vital part of the process, using social media can really seal the deal.

About 82 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds use social media, and that’s your primary target market. You have to find a way to connect with them organically so they don’t feel pressured to make a decision. Once you connect with them, start cultivating a relationship.

couple looking at house online Build Relationships

The real estate industry is second overall in terms of inbound engagement (give yourself a pat on the back for that one). That’s huge! People are begging realtors to get in touch with them; however, realtors don’t seem to take advantage of this opportunity.

Real estate is ranked 13th in responding to online messages. Do we see an issue with these two rankings? An easy way to practically improve social media usage is to stay organized. Set deadlines for social media and blog posts each month, then stick with them. By simply incorporating social media updates into your daily routine, clients will stay interested and connected with your agency.

Be Creative

Whether it’s taking photographs or creating designs, staying afloat in the social media world means you’ve gotta get crafty. Facebook has an 87 percent action rate with posts that include a photo.  If you have a new listing, post a picture of the house and prompt a question. This will boost engagement and show your audience you care enough to interact with them.

Social media is the prime place to get new clients and keep up with the competition, so hopefully now you see how this tool can benefit your agency immensely.  To continue growing your client list, learn how to get leads to call you.

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