Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Make Sure Wins on the Track Turn into Wins in the Showroom

Race cars"Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" is one of the oldest automotive marketing catchphrases in the book. When the saying first took off in the 1950s, sales were known to spike following race weekends in Daytona and Indianapolis, but does it still hold true today?

Unlike 1950s car buyers, most modern consumers aren't looking for race cars, but experts say action on the track still brings customers to the showroom because motorsports fans are considered opinion leaders for other car buyers. With racing season firing up, a call tracking vendor can help you be prepared for an influx of revved up customers.

Marketing Is Money Well Spent

Auto manufacturers are going to great lengths to invest in motorsports programs and sponsorships, spending more than $5 billion globally in 2014 — and it's paid off. Chevrolet, the world's most active individual automotive brand in terms of motorsports sponsorship dollars spent, had its best July in seven years after a busy four-race weekend in Indianapolis last year.

Just as Chevrolet and other auto manufactures gauge returns on their sponsorship dollars by tracking sales, you can see where your marketing dollars are catching the most checkered flags by using an inbound lead tracker. With 94 percent of marketing budgets being spent to entice customers to call, knowing which ads are most successful will keep you going in the right direction.

Losing Hurts Too

Considered one of the most powerful brands in the world and easily the most successful team in Formula 1 history with 16 constructors' champions, Ferrari's winless 2014 season on motorsports' biggest stage tarnished its image in some eyes. The Italian company's production car business is as profitable as ever but it was still bumped from No. 1 to No. 9 in Brand Finance's annual Top 10 Brands earlier this year.

Just as Ferrari can take a hit from its losses, your dealership can take a hit from losing leads. Use a professional call evaluation service to make sure potential customers aren't racing to your competitors because of missed or mishandled calls.

Have Sunday's wins or losses had an effect on your dealership? Share your experiences in the comments.

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